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A Taste of Americana at the WNC Farmers Market

Over the years I’ve grown fond of visiting farmers markets whenever I travel. The harvest of the local land is an intrinsic component of the community. It not only nourishes people physically but psychologically. They take pride in the goods they’re providing, as they should.

 We stopped at the Western North Carolina (WNC) Farmers Market just outside downtown Asheville to check out the local harvest. All the quintessential American farm goods were piled high, mounds of shiny, juicy red apples, huge leafy green cabbage, beautiful burgundy beets, a number of potato varieties. 

Vegetables at The Western North Carolina Farmers Market

The cutest, warty gourds and a saucer shaped squash called a Patty Pan were my favorites.

In fact we bought some Patty Pans to cook at home and they are delicious! Similar to zucchini but a richer and more buttery flavor.

 As you would expect, the pork products were piled high which peaked Fabio’s interest. 

After discussing the different cuts with the vendor Fabio selected some side meat to experiment with at home. Southerners use it as flavoring for beans and cabbage among other dishes.  It adds a rich, salty, though not too salty flavor to any meal.

 Fresh, decadent fudge, fruit ciders, butter and home made crafts filled other stalls. 

The WNC Farmers Market is truly representative of quintessential Southern Americana. Like apple pie and sweet tea. We left with a homey taste of the south, not only in our carry-on but also in our hearts.