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Fun Beach Portrait Session | Fort Lauderdale Children's Photographer

Little AC was a lot of fun to photograph during his beach portrait session. Little kids under about 5 years old have become one of my favorite subjects to photograph. They haven't learned to become someone else yet, they are truly authentic and don't typically pose for pictures unless trained by mom and dad. Mom and I had come up with a plan during our pre-session phone consultation and she did a great job selecting AC's outfit. Mom wanted him to wear a bowtie which was super cute and worked well with the Scrabble inspired public art display. We then took off the bowtie, rolled up the sleeves and pant legs and voila, we had a casual cool beach day outfit.

When the family first arrived little AC was a bit shy so I suggested letting him run free for a few minutes before we got started. That did the trick! Soon he was running circles around the 'IMAGINE' installation and I started photographing him. I always try to bring a special treat for the kiddos as a bargaining tool aka bribery, lol! That way I can get them to do whatever I want for short periods of time.


I also like to have activities for the children planned. Often times I'll ask kids to help me collect shells during beach portrait sessions. I lay really cool shells along the beach prior to asking the child to help me. Inevitably some casual passersby will think they have discovered the mother load of fabulous shells, but I quickly and of course nicely inform them that it's my personal collection. ;)


Big rocks are also a great motivating factor for little boys. They always want to climb on the largest rock around. That's how I got little AC to run down the beach for me. When we got to the rocks the ocean tide was running pretty high so we left the big rocks for the ropes. There was a pretty strong ocean breeze during our session and I finally had AC turned in the right direction so his cute little curls weren't blowing in his face.


When I delivered the print order to Mom she told me AC had gotten his first hair cut after the session and showed me pictures. "He doesn't look like my little boy anymore", she exclaimed! "He looks so much older", I replied. Mom said, "that's why I wanted have his pictures taken before cutting his hair". That statement right there is one of the reason's I love photographing children. It allows me to create tangible memories of special times for people and through that I develop wonderful connections to them and their families.  I would love to capture beautiful moments for your family.

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