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Exploring Lima From an Amazing Art-Filled Hotel

By the time we arrived in Lima we were ready for some city comforts, a cozy bed, warm shower, you know the simple things you find when not camping in the mountains. After a quick flight from Cusco, we hopped in a taxi and told the driver our destination, Second Home Peru, a hotel I found in the Fodor’s Peru guidebook. Once we got to the general vicinity, the Barranco neighborhood, our driver wasn’t exactly sure where the hotel was. We drove down a dead end street and found the address of our destination, a Tudor style home surrounded by a wall and heavy-duty bronze gate. 

Second Home Peru

There wasn’t a sign to confirm this was in fact Second Home Peru so we knocked at the gate and the person who answered our call confirmed that it was in fact the correct location. We unloaded the luggage and walked through the gate into a magical courtyard decorated with bronze statues and mosaic walls. Whimsical creations greeted my eyes everywhere I looked. 

After taking it all in, we pulled our luggage toward the front door to check in. A checker-patterned floor led us to a foyer with high ceilings and beautiful paintings lining the walls. Gallery rooms off to the right and left contained even more art- sculptures, paintings and mixed media pieces. It was as if I had just stepped into the most beautiful, private museum that only a select few know about. 

Delicate natural light flooded the rooms through large windows overlooking an expansive lawn. A substantial wooden banister led the way up a staircase to guest rooms.  Every detail of the space was thoughtfully considered with an artistic sensibility, from the beautiful wooden molding framing each doorway and window, to the intricately carved tray ceiling in one of the rooms. Vases of beautiful Calla Lilies were placed sporadically throughout the rooms and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of them. The light was soo magical!

Second Home Peru, had in fact been a second home to acclaimed Peruvian artist Victor Delfin. Now part guesthouse, part museum, to us it was the jewel of Lima, and a much-welcomed respite after sleeping bags and tents. Our room itself was huge, with an oversize bathroom, home to a gigantic tub, high ceilings and gorgeous wood floors. 

The sweet fragrance of jasmine climbing a beautiful wooden trellis scented the air as guests enjoyed breakfast at a cute outdoor patio decorated with paintings. An expansive lawn led to a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Flowers, trees, birds and sculptures adorned the borders of the lawn, creating visual interest everywhere I looked. I was so happy to discover this amazing sanctuary in what was rumored to be just another bustling South American city.

Situated in the Barranco art district, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Second Home Peru was the perfect base to visit the cafes, galleries, shops and parks of the Barranco and Miraflores neighborhoods. With just one day in Lima, we explored Barranco first, admiring the street art and marveling at the beautiful landscaping. 

One of the best ways to see a city is on foot so we decided to walk along the coast from Barranco to Miraflores. It’s quite the walk but we enjoyed the beautiful view, high above the Pacific Ocean and stopped to rest in a couple of the small parks along the way. We even saw the President of Peru getting into a suburban with his family! Just one car, no other entourage or security motorcade. 

Lima left a lasting impression as an art-filled seaside city adorned with beautiful public gardens. Second Home Peru is the epitome of what seems to be quintessential Lima, and an absolute gem of a hotel. I highly recommend staying there if you visit Lima!

Thanks so much for reading about our experience in Lima! I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have visited the city. 

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