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Exploring Lima From an Amazing Art-Filled Hotel

By the time we arrived in Lima we were ready for some city comforts, a cozy bed, warm shower, you know the simple things you find when not camping in the mountains. After a quick flight from Cusco, we hopped in a taxi and told the driver our destination, Second Home Peru, a hotel I found in the Fodor’s Peru guidebook. Once we got to the general vicinity, the Barranco neighborhood, our driver wasn’t exactly sure where the hotel was. We drove down a dead end street and found the address of our destination, a Tudor style home surrounded by a wall and heavy-duty bronze gate. 


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Trekking in the Sacred Valley

Fabio is the kind of guy who does not want much. Birthday and Christmas gifts are always a struggle, I never know what to buy him. One thing he did want was to visit Machu Picchu and if we could, get there on foot. After reading a number of traveler reviews and trip reports that said the Machu Picchu trail was crowded and the bathrooms nonexistent we opted to do the Lares Trek in the Sacred Valley as opposed to the Machu Picchu trek.  The plan was to hike in the Sacred Valley (near Machu Picchu) from Huaran to Lares where we would then be transported to Ollantaytambo, and take the train to Aguas Clientes, the base town for Machu Picchu.  


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