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Hanging on Bangtao Beach in Phuket

After spending a day in Bangkok we flew to Phuket in the evening. The next morning we woke up bright and early to catch the sunrise. We soon realized the beach faces west so we wouldn't be catching any sunrise. That's ok, mornings by the ocean are beautiful and peaceful no matter what. There was a stray dog on the beach catching his last few zzz's when we showed up so I took a few shots of him enjoying the ocean. web-614-thailand-2013 Bangtao Beach Puket, Thailand

Fabio had to spend the day at his meeting but I spent the day checking out the beach and hanging by the pool. The people are super friendly, the weather was spectacular and the beach and water were beautiful.

web-622-thailand-2013 web-472-thailand-2013

I'm pretty sure 'Douche' is shower in French but I still couldn't help chuckling at the sign below.

web-479-thailand-2013 web-465-thailand-2013

This little guy wanted a little love.


We have car ports and they have boat ports.


Nice little beach bungalow.


The quintessential Thai boat, complete with umbrella for shade.


The best part of the day was when I ran into a baby elephant at our hotel, The Outrigger Laguna Beach. Her owner brings her to the resort and walks her up and down the beach to entertain tourists. She was sooo sweet!web-574-thailand-myanmar-2013 web-573-thailand-myanmar-2013 web-575-thailand-myanmar-2013

Baby elephant kisses are the best!

We also shot some video on the beach. Check out the live footage below...