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How Photography Helps Business's Create Strong Branding

Photography has a different meaning to every person. For business owners, great photography that embodies their brand helps to create a strong brand identity that communicates an effective message to consumers. This resounding communication helps to turn the people who identify with their brand and product into customers. A perfect example is LaLa Couture, owned by Molly Carey. I mention Molly and LaLa Couture quite often and that's because we have a great relationship and Molly values photography that exemplifies her brand. Molly uses photography in social media, her website and print advertising to create her brand story of a beautiful, classy, fashionable woman who loves to look fabulous. Check out this gorgeous ad that ran in Think magazine in January.



This is the original image that was used to create the ad.

KP Photography for LaLa Couture Holiday 2013


The pictures below were used in social media and website banners to promote LaLa Couture for Holiday 2013.

web-logo-crop-108-lala-couture-holiday-2013 web-logo-022-LaLa-Couture-Holiday-2013 web-logo-122-LaLa-Couture-Holiday-2013 web-logo-198-LaLa-Couture-Holiday-2013 web-logo-crop-554-lala-couture-holiday-2013 web-logo-408-LaLa-Couture-Holiday-2013


During the holiday photo shoot we also made to sure to capture some images to promote Resort shopping as well. It's a short season so it was easy to include in the holiday shoot.

web-logo-290-LaLa-Couture-Holiday-2013 web-logo-color-270-lala-couture-holiday-2013 web-logo-color-260-lala-couture-holiday-2013


From these images you can tell what LaLa Couture is about, what kinds of clothes can be found there and what kind of lifestyle this woman is living.

With effective imagery you can create this kind of branding for your business as well. ;)

xoxo- Kristin