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Learning to Create and Control the Light | South Florida Commercial Photographer

A few weeks back at #WPPI2015 I had the opportunity to take a lighting workshop with Zach Gray and David Molnar, two incredibly talented photographers. They also happen to be a couple of fast talkers and managed to finagle a sweet location for the hands on portion of the workshop.  I learned a lot from them and will definitely be incorporating what I learned into my own work. This first image is all natural light from a large window on the right. It wasn't my turn to shoot with the strobes yet and wanted to see what natural light would look like. Ahh-mazing, right? web-010_wppi_workshop_south_florida-commercial-photographer-2015-Edit



In this next image the model is sitting in exactly the same spot just turned away from the window. There's a strobe with an Octobox just to the left of the model turned almost completely away from here, edge lighting the scene. Both are fabulous, but two completely different moods are elicited just by altering the light. Love it.




In the image below there was a light with an Octobox between 45 and 90 degrees to the right of the model, almost at 90  and again set just to edge light the scene. There was also a hair light behind the model adding a delicious rim light to the back of her head and left shoulder.



In the next image there was a strobe with an Octobox about 45 degrees to the center left of the model. There was another light behind the wall you see shooting light through the opening beside the wall. This setup was pretty genius. We were in a tight space with about 30 people with two shoots going on at the same time. Zack was great at analyzing the space and setting up sweet lighting on the fly.




This final image is just so fabulous. When we broke into two groups David immediately claimed this amazing reflective table and set up a strobe with an Octobox about 75 degrees to the left of center. He was able to hide the reflection of the Octobox behind the model and the table generated the most amazing reflection.