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Top Visual Design Trends for 2015 From iStock Briefing

This time of year I am finally caught up after the busy holiday season and vacation. I am now searching for inspiration for personal projects and deciding if I want to make any changes in my business, go after new markets, my branding, etc. I came across an excellent video on BrightTalk entitled iStock Briefing:Top Visual Design Trends for 2015 featuring Rebecca Swiff and Sona Khosla, the Creative Planning Director and the Marketing Director for Getty Images, respectively. Rebecca quickly dispels the Top 8 Visual Trends for 2015 in the video below.

The major takeaways are:

1. View points are getting more personal

first person point of view

The first person point of view feels authentic and believable because of the intimacy of its vantage point. Though this image is out of focus, that actually contributes to the fun, celebratory and intimate feeling.

2. Letterbox format will be the new square. I can't wait to see this integrated into Instagram. The square crop leaves out so much!

letterbox look

3. Visual storytelling will become more sophisticated. I love, love, love visual stories and hope this will lead people to appreciate images like this.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.43.45 PM

It's about multilayered images and incorporating text into the image.

4. Monochrome is the Getty color of the year. No doubt inspired by the millions of VSCO users. It's the manipulation of low lights and highlights to give a monochromatic look.

monochromatic is the Getty color of the year

5. Visuals will work harder to inspire all of our senses. Texture will be very important in imagery which leads us to the...

sensory immersion

6. Super Still Life...Still life will be appreciated as an art form. Macro photography will be key in this arena.

Macro flower

7. Celebrate humankind. It's the celebration of the intriguing and diverse person and not in a multicultural sense. Diversity is about the truthfulness of the lifestyle being depicted. The hero is the person with the story to tell.

celebrating individuality

8. Females are rising. This idea is driven by the need to depict dynamic women with diverse careers, a range of lifestyles and looks with a responsibility to move away from stereotypes. It's about depicting women as experts and as part of larger corporate teams. Images that celebrate identity and individuality that picture determination and success will be extremely important.

women rising

I will definitely be incorporating most of these trends into my work as they are facets of photography that interest me already which is evident as all the images in this post are mine.  What Getty's team has really done is analyzed the information including imagery and people's tastes to determine what is popular in order to develop more imagery with those characteristics which appeal to people now.

How will you incorporate these trends into your life?