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How to Have an Amazing Family Holiday Portrait Session

family holiday portraits It’s the peak time for family holiday portraits so I thought it would be nice to set you up for success. Everyone wants the session to be fun and result in wonderful pictures for holiday cards, gifts and memories. Unfortunately sometimes we forget that kids don’t really like to be told what to do and the little ones are just learning to smile and when you tell them to smile (please don’t do this) they make this horrendous face that looks nothing like a smile. In order to capture great pictures everyone actually needs to be happy, comfortable and having a good time. Not just looking like it.

I recently held a family portrait session with some friends and their 4-year-old twin boy & girl. The children are blond, blue eyed and adorable but the boy especially is extremely strong willed. We turned the portrait session into a fun family activity, which I can’t reveal because they want to surprise everyone with their fabulous holiday card. Contact me and I can fill you in on the details. It really was so much fun and the pictures are great!

I found a great resource that offers tips to “Help Your Child Have an Amazing Holiday Portrait Session”. Be sure to check it out, there are some awesome tips in there.

Of course everyone wants to look their best, but you’re not always sure how to dress the family so you don’t clash. Check out my Wardrobe Idea Board on Pinterest for some beautiful color combinations and ideas for how to mix patterns. I think my favorite holiday color combination is red, turquoise and gray. Those are some of my favorite colors individually and when put together it’s a fabulous and unexpected holiday color scheme.

I have created a Holiday Portrait Inspiration Pinterest Board to give you ideas that you may like to try with your family. There are also pictures from last year’s holiday portrait sessions on my website and Facebook page so you can see my work. Don’t forget, I’m like a fine wine, I only get better with time so obviously this year’s portraits will be better than last year. ;) I only have a few spots left for holiday portrait sessions. Call 954.551.4170 or email so we can plan a fun, personalized holiday portrait session so you can share your family’s story with family & friends this year.



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