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Controversy on Fort Lauderdale Beach: Arnold Abbott & Love Thy Neighbor Feed the Homeless

Last week I heard that Arnold Abbott, a man who has been feeding the homeless on the south end of Fort Lauderdale Beach for 20 years, had been arrested for feeding the homeless on public property. I soon learned the city of Fort Lauderdale had passed an ordinance that Mr. Abbott was breaking. I will not detail the story here but more information can be found here. Once released Mr. Abbott declared that his organization, Love Thy Neighbor Fund would continue to feed the homeless on the beach on Wednesday evenings. On Wednesday night I went down to the south end of Fort Lauderdale Beach to document the situation. I will let the pictures tell the story. Again please visit local news websites for full coverage. The goal here is simply to spread awareness. Thank you for visiting. I would love to hear what you think of the images. [easymedia-gallery med="838"]