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Day 1 in Bangkok- A Visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market

We arrived in Bangkok at 11:15 pm after about a 30 hour trip from Fort Lauderdale. We were super tired so it was great that we could go straight to bed. Fabio spent the morning at his meeting and I managed to take the train over to Panthip Plaza, a shopping center dedicated to all things electronic. I picked up a super light tripod because I forgot my monopod & met Fabio back at the hotel. From there we headed over to Chatuchak Weekend Market that sells anything you can possibly think of from puppies to paper flowers. Check out our short video here  on YouTube. The entrance to the market is a bit chaotic. There were at least 50 cabs and tuk tuks lined up waiting for their next passenger. Throughout our entire trip I asked multiple people why there are so many power lines and why they are such a mess. We have the same amount if not more electricity, cable etc flowing through American cities and we don't have the same tangle of power lines. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok web-573-thailand-2013


Besides shopping, the main activity in this market is people watching. The blind main below was carrying a speaker playing music to attract attention. 576-thailand-2013


A couple of workers taking a break.web-577-thailand-2013

Fabio taking a rest in the air conditioned restaurant we found for lunch.



The ceiling of the restaurant was completely covered in comic strips! Cheaper than paint I suppose and more creative, lol!web-581-thailand-2013


Apparently Thai people drink beer with a straw. This is one thing I didn't see in college. Though I suppose drinking beer from a funnel is faster than a straw. I'm thinking this trend may take off on U.S. college campuses one day.web-582-thailand-2013


Everything has a price in Bangkok, even the bathroom. I don't think it's the first time I've seen pay for use bathrooms but I thought the turn style was pretty humorous. web-583-thailand-2013


I'm not quite sure what this woman was selling. I just thought she looked interesting.web-585-thailand-2013

See if you can guess what the guy below is cooking. What looks like a puddle in front of the white bowls is actually a large vat of oil that he's frying pork grinds in. Yum!

web-591-thailand-2013 web-593-thailand-2013


There's a lot of poverty in Thailand. Given the number of people walking through the market that day, I hope this young girl made some money.web-594-thailand-2013


Food on a stick. You don't see much of it in the U.S. but it's quite common in Thailand.web-597-thailand-2013

The women below are making decorative paper bags. The paper is very thin and decorated with colorful leaves and flowers.


The chef below was loving his gig. There was a dj playing music and he was having a blast. By the way, he's making Paella not Thai food.



The aforesaid dj. I noticed that people in Thailand and Myanmar often make a hand sign of some sort when posing for pictures. I googled the sign given below but couldn't find anything except for the letter L which I'm guessing is not what she was signaling. If you know what it means can you post it in the comments?web-606-thailand-2013


Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is well worth a visit. The wares for sale and people at the market will keep you entertained for hours.