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The L Family Portrait Session (Including 10 Tips for a Beautiful Portrait Session!)

I am so happy with the pictures from the L family portrait session! Not only did the portraits come out beautiful but the family was pleasure to work with. When you have a 6 month old, 2 year old and 9 year old anything can happen but everyone was super happy and a joy to photograph. KP Photography Family Portraits 02-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 03-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 04-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 05-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 06-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 07-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 08-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 09-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 10-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 11-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 12-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida 13-web-kl-family-portraits-south-florida

As you can see each member of the family is beautiful and super photogenic. However, that's not the only reason their portrait session went so well. The following are a list of tips to help you get the most out of your family portrait session.

1. Take the time to speak with your photographer over the phone or in person. Mom and I spoke on the phone, in person and via email when planning this session. It's very important that the photographer know what kind of pictures you're looking for.

2. Mom had a Pinterest board with inspiration pictures that she had made months before and forgot to look at right before the session. However I looked at it and we were able to recreate some of the images she loved. She was really happy I had looked at her board.

3. Be involved in your session, don't just let the photographer lead. Believe me, the photographer wants your input on which poses you like.

4. Go over a general list of the pictures you want to get, ie family, the kids, dad & son, mom & daughter, etc. Anything new that your children are doing is also key.

5. Don't stress the kids by telling them their going to have their pictures taken. The reaction may not be the one you want. I had a mini session with the little boy L prior to the family session and I advised mom to tell him we were having a play date and when they got out of the car L waved and said "Hi Kristin". He's two and we had never met before. It was sooo cute and the session was great!

6. Wardrobe matters. In fact it's a key component to the pictures. Mom had chosen navy, white and pink and knew which colors she wanted next to which. She also had a couple of changes for baby E and coordinating headbands which give the photos lots of personality. She had asked me for suggestions and came up with that particular color scheme on her own.

7. Think about what you will be doing with the pictures; wall portraits, shelf displays, album for grandma & grandpa? Consider the colors in the rooms where you'll display the portraits. Will the clothing and colors in the background look good in that area? Will you be giving any as gifts?

8. Time of day is essential when planning a portrait session. The best time is the hour after sunrise and before sunset. The light is just magical. However if that doesn't work with your child's sleep schedule then pick another time. A well rested, fed and happy child is most important.

9. Toys and snacks always help. A little diversion and comfort snacks always help to keep things running smoothly.

10. Bribery or as my mom friends like to call it, negotiation tactics. Promising a treat after the session, such as gummies, ice cream or playing on the jungle gym can always buy you some extra cheerful time with cooperative kiddos.

If you take these tips into consideration when planning your next portrait session I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the results. Thanks for reading!